Michael Sharpmack Adventure Therapy Director

Mike has spent the last 12 years working with youth and their families. He graduated college from Grace University in Omaha Nebraska with a B.S. in Bible and Christian Education with an emphasis in youth ministry. After college he joined a non profit called Youth For Christ. He was an area director and personally responsible for the weekly programs in 3 schools. He then accepted a position as a youth pastor of a mega church in Omaha. There he learned a lot about relationships between students and parents and how to bridge the gap when students and parents have trouble relating to each other. Mike then got involved in working with youth in the outdoors. He spent time working in different student adventure organizations in Wisconsin, South Carolina and Idaho. He spent four years in Idaho as the operations manager for YD Adventures. There he developed leadership programs and curriculum to help students succeed in the program. He moved to Lake Ozark a year ago and is now running our adventure therapy program.

Andrew Steward Adventure Therapy

I grew up in southern Illinois in a town just outside of St. Louis called Edwardsville. I spent most my young life playing baseball and soccer. I was able to achieve my goal and played soccer in college and then took it to the professional level. I really Enjoy the outdoors and one of my favorite memories is living in Colorado and working on the top of a mountain. Some of my hobbies include weight lifting and crocheting. My favorite quote is "There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going". I try to live my life by this and use it to help influence our students in their journeys through life.

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