2010 Parent Orientation & Seminar Schedule

By Landon Kirk | Added December 14


Get your calendars out because I am pleased to announce our 2010 New Parent Orientation and Parent Seminar schedule. 2010 will mark the third consecutive year Calo has hosted these opportunities for parents and once again we feel like we have an attractive schedule. We know most of you need plenty of advance notice in order to make arrangements to join us so we wanted to put these dates in front of you now.

On each of the dates below we offer a New Parent Orientation which runs from 12:30 - 2:00 PM in our conference room. This is typically designed for newer parents but all parents are welcome, especially those wanting reminders or a "tune-up." Parents are encouraged to get lunch from our cafeteria between 12:15-12:25 PM before joining us for this lunch and learn where you will learn more about our model, how to work with your therapist, how to navigate your journey through residential treatment at Calo, typical cycles your student will experience during treatment, and be introduced to our Aftercare and Transition program opportunities. This is also a great time to mingle with other parents.

Our Parent Seminar is designed for all parents of Calo students and is scheduled from 2:30 - 4:00 PM in the conference room. Parents are engaged in interactive learning experiences and dialogue to facilitate insight and greater family connection. All are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Winter * Friday February 12th * Canines - Creating Insight, Empathy, and Attachment

This seminar, headed up by Jeanna Osborn, our Canine Program Supervisor, and Rob Gent, our Assistant Clinical Director is going to walk parents through the updated aspects of our canine program, teach parents how to leverage the canine-human relationship, and help parents better understand the amazing metaphors which create insight, empathy and attachment.

Spring * Thursday May 13th * Setting and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

This seminar is going to be run by two skilled therapists, Dr. Christy Jones and Yvonne Garton, who understand the importance of parents setting and maintaining healthy boundaries. The focus will be aimed to empower parents to recognize who, when, how, and where to set loving limits. Note: This seminar is scheduled to be connected to an off-campus parent retreat opportunity which will provide interactive experiences with your student.

Summer * Thursday September 16th * Persogenics - Recognizing, Appreciating, and Embracing Differences

Have you ever hit a wall of frustration in trying to communicate and connect with your spouse, teen, or others? This seminar is designed to entertain and educate parents to greater awareness of personality styles and empower parents to better recognize, appreciate and embrace differences with people. Landon Kirk, our Clinical Director will lead this seminar. Note: This seminar is scheduled to be connected to an off-campus parent retreat opportunity which will provide interactive experiences with your student

Fall * Wednesday November 24th * Parenting 101 - For Teens

Typically Calo has tremendous parental support and involvement. Most parents are doing their very best to set their child up for success for life after Calo. In this seminar, led by Dr. Ken Huey, our CEO, parents will be treated to informative skills to better parent their student now and after Calo. 

About the Author

Landon Kirk, MSW, LCSW Owner, Co-Founder and CEO

Landon has devoted most of the past 18 years working with families and teens. During graduate school, Landon became immersed in the world of adoption and attachment and this became a personal and professional passion of his. Following the completion of his MSW degree in 2003, Landon began working in an adoption agency where his responsibilities were divided between therapy, birth parent and adoptive couple work. Specifically, Landon worked with birth parents struggling with the option to marry, single-parent, or place their child for adoption and provided counseling and resources to help them make their important decision. An adoptive parent of three children himself, Landon also counseled, approved, and placed prospective adoptive families with children. Landon feels very close to many adoptive parents and the shared issues of infertility, longing to have children, and post-adoption issues. In December of 2005, Landon joined West Ridge Academy as a full-time therapist. Within six months he was promoted as the Campus Administrator allowing him to lead all residential employees towards effective treatment practices. In January of 2007, Landon was hired as the Clinical Director and Chief Operations Officer (COO) for CALO. In May of 2012 Landon moved into the role of Chief Clinical Officer (CCO). This position permits Landon to lead CALO Directors and employees responsible for the care and treatment of students in Residential, Recreation Therapy, Canine, Academics, Nursing and Clinical towards cohesiveness and clinical integrity. Landon is originally from Jacksonville, Florida and enjoys many sports and outdoor recreation including football, tennis, basketball, golf, camping, hiking, and fly-fishing. Top on his list of interests is spending time with his wife Jill and their three children (Tanner, Kambrie, and Bryelle). The Kirk's reside in Osage Beach, Missouri.

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