100 Foot Art Project

There is a new phrase downstairs in the Academic Hallway, Is Mr. Young on The Wall?  Mr. Young, our fantastic Calo art teacher, has undertaken an art project of gargantuan proportion. 

 The academic hallway measures 100+ feet in length.  Mr. Young, along with several of our Calo students are working weekly on a 100 foot mural.  The mural will show depictions of our daily life here at Calo.  The letters C A L O are spaced out, one letter every 25 feet; each letter is over 6 feet tall. 

 Mr. Young spent a great amount of time researching our different Calo departments to adequately represent them in the mural; our students are also encouraged to share their ideas and designs.  In addition to the C A L O letters, there are 3 foot tall golden retrievers, therapeutic vocabulary, students fishing and canoeing, a campfire, school work, students climbing the rock wall and working on the pottery wheel; are all represented in sketches.  When the sketches are complete, Mr. Young along with the help of some of our students will fill them in with paint.   We also have our model; Trust of Care, Trust of Control, Trust of Self and Interdependence clearly represented by the sun, earth, water and tree. 

 According to Mr. Young, The goal (of The Wall) is to explain and show what we do here at Calo through art; to explain our model and depict our daily activities.  I want the students to participate as much as possible, to give us the chance to express ourselves with the gifts we were given. 

"The Wall" is a work in progress, each week more is completed.  Our goal is to complete the mural within the next few months.  If you happen to be on campus please feel free to stop by and check it out!