Parent Retreats in Review

At the conclusion of our two very successful parent retreats this past week we wanted to spend some time highlighting why we host and plan these retreats.  First off, here is a note from a parent after the retreat.  We removed the student’s name for confidentiality purposes.  What is important is realizing just how impactful these retreats are to our customer – the reason we exist—our parents. 

 “I have such intense gratitude for you and the entire Calo staff after the last two days. The dedication and kindness you show my child is miraculous…..We were treated with such dignity and respect. For me, my sense of acceptance was more than I have ever known as a mom of an adopted child.  I have a great sense of relief knowing that my child is in the safest place emotionally and physically that he has ever known.  Please accept my thanks for the true blessing of Calo…& please share this email with every person involved in the planning and implementation of the retreat.  It was a life changing experience for me….probably the first of many as we work together to care for my child. Thank you again.”


If you are new to Calo you might wonder, “Why do we do have parent retreats?”  The most important reasons are:

  1. Parent-child healing opportunities – Retreats are filled with activities and opportunities for Calo students to better connect and attach to their parents.   
  2. Parent engagement – Generally, parents who attend retreats are more bought-in and supportive of Calo (the therapy approach we believe in, the processes we follow, and so forth).  Parent engagement accounts for the highest successful student outcomes.
  3. Parent-employee connections – Parents frequently speak of the genuine connections they make with Calo employees at these retreats.  Parents see the skill, grace and, most importantly, the heart of Calo employees at these off-sites.  Employees move from “names” to relationships at parent retreats.  Relationships increase parent engagement and create the impetus for change.
  4. Parent-parent connections – Parents, at every single retreat, speak of the powerful impact it is to connect with other hurting fathers and mothers.  As parents pour themselves into one another they find joy in supporting others and find temporary relief from their own heartache.


We had an incredible parent turn-out again this year.  Higher attendees required more planning and attentiveness from all of the great Calo team members who went on the retreat.