5th Semi-Annual Parent Retreat

Dear parents and guardians (hereafter referred to as parents),

I am pleased to confirm dates for our spring parent retreat. The dates will be Thursday May 10th – Friday May 11th.  We hope all of you will begin making preparations to attend (please confirm and coordinate with your Calo therapist). Here is a quick list to help you get started:

What?  Fifth Semi-Annual Calo Parent Retreat.

When? Thursday May 10th Friday May 11th (parents/guardians will want to travel no later than Wednesday May 9th).

Who? Parents are invited.  We are unable to accommodate grandparents, siblings, and so forth.  Students of attending parents will participate.

Where? A retreat location at Lake of the Ozarks (we will have you meet us at Calo on Thursday morning for a breakfast and seminar and we will either transport you to the location or give you directions so you can drive yourself).

Why? This will mark the third consecutive year we will have parent retreats at Calo.  The purpose for these retreats is primarily to empower parents with more skills and resources, allow a safe and connecting experience for parents and child to be vulnerable and heal, allow parents to rub shoulders and support one another and to allow parents to better connect with Calo staff. 

Cost? There will be no charge to parents to attend this retreat other than expenses accrued during travel.

Pack? I will send out a packing list at least two months before the retreat but I can tell you now it will not be too cumbersome.  A future blog will have more details. 

We look forward to seeing you there!