A Great Day!

Today might be the best day I have ever had at Calo!  I was the lucky gal that got to be the first to congratulate 5 of our amazing students as they graduated high school.  This morning at 10:00am Calo hosted a cap and gown ceremony for five of our Calo scholars.  This day was made even more fantastic as each of our students had friends and family to support them in their accomplishments. 

Not everyone in the world gets to graduate from high school; they dont all join the elite club. The five students that graduated today have definitely had obstacles thrown in their paths; however, they persevered and came out on top.  The journey was definitely not without sweat or tears but they did it, they made it to the top.   Throughout their journey I have had multiple conversations with all of them; there were most certainly times in which they did not believe they would make it to today.  Never the less, they did it!  All of them!