A New Addition

As you may know, I have recently joined Calo as the Academic Director. I am excited about the academic growth that lies ahead and look forward to meeting each of you. In the meantime, I wanted to make sure that you are aware of the transitions occurring and how these changes may affect you.

Abby Mayer and I share many responsibilities and she has been an incredible asset as I have begun learning about Calos Academic Department. She is now the registrar and will be taking care of all transcript issues, academic plans, and many day to day operational tasks. If you have any questions about these areas, please feel free to contact her. I am currently focusing on leading the accreditation process for Calo as well as curriculum enhancement, faculty development, and academic counseling. As questions arise, I will be happy to assist you as well.

Currently, Abby and I share a phone line, so you are likely to speak with both of us at some time in the future. Our direct line is 866-501-1395. We look forward to assisting you and ensuring that our students receive countless opportunities for academic success.

Krista Allison