A special "Thank You" to the Calo Nurses from a parent

Our daughter is home from Calo, in great shape, strong and healthy and I am writing to thank your entire Nurse Group for making this happen.  Mike Roberts, MaryAnne Duckworth, Joy Sorrell, and Lisa, whose last name I do not know, have been wonderful to work with in keeping our daughter safe and healthy.  And not only do we appreciate this, our daughter herself is aware of the wonderful, caring, and careful managing she had while at Calo.

Our daughter has asthma, allergies, and a lot of anxiety, which she tended to express in physical symptoms while at Calo.  This meant that at times she was difficult to assess, and even with her several visits to the ER for wheezing, and her sometimes severe allergic symptoms, at no time did we worry about her safety.  We received updates and phone calls, we felt we could call at any time, and sometimes did, and we really appreciated the nurses asking for our input as well when there was a non-emergency decision to be made about her medications.  We do know her best, and were grateful for the collegial spirit in managing her care and multiple medications.  We were also sent home with the most comprehensive and well put-together box of medications and paperwork I have ever seen.  This meant we did not have to scramble her first days home, to get appointments and prescription renewals.  The fact that there was always a nurse on staff made us feel very comfortable with our daughter at Calo.

Thank you, Ken, for providing such an excellent group of nurses to care for all of your students.  We have had so many anxious moments in the last couple of years about our daughter, and in contrast, the peace of mind your Nurse Group gave us while she was at Calo can not be measured.


Annelieke Schauer