Andrew Steward Adventure Therapy Director

I grew up in southern Illinois in a town just outside of St. Louis called Edwardsville. I spent most my young life playing baseball and soccer. I was able to achieve my goal and played soccer in college and then took it to the professional level. I really Enjoy the outdoors and one of my favorite memories is living in Colorado and working on the top of a mountain. Some of my hobbies include weight lifting and crocheting. My favorite quote is "There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going". I try to live my life by this and use it to help influence our students in their journeys through life.

Micheal Winters Adventure Therapy

Micheal has known since he was a teenager that his calling was working with youth. Micheal was able to spend time at a boy's home in Phoenix to observe which intrigued his interest in the field even more. At the age of 21, Micheal became of age eligible to work at Calo and immediately applied and became a Residential Coach. He worked as a Residential Coach and stayed actively involved in Adventure Therapy. After 5 years in Residential working as a Coach, Shift lead, and Team lead he has joined the Adventure Therapy department full time. In his free time, he enjoys taking his two daughter hiking, fishing, and camping.

Diamond Williams Adventure Therapy

My name is Diamond Williams. I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. I am the eldest of four siblings, raised in a big household- Mom, Dad, grandmother, and siblings. I was raised to be a hard worker and have many certifications, including certified floor tech, fork lift certified, and certified in child development. I've always been passionate about working with kids and helping change lives.

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