Amanda Byler, Therapist

Amanda Byler traveled to 9 European countries in three months with a pixie haircut and a backpack.  She visited Ireland, Scotland, England, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Greece.  She was in Paris on Bastille Day and in Pamplona for the Running of the Bulls.  She also visited the Normandy Beaches, the Vatican, and the Dachau concentration camp.

Although born and raised in the city, she prefers the country and small towns.  "Big cities all look alike to me no matter where they are and it is only in a small town that I feel I can really experience the culture and appreciate the people in them".  "This is why I moved back to Lake Ozark, Missouri from Kansas City".

Mr. Fred Rogers was a very influential person in Amanda’s life.  She says he helped her overcome many obstacles as a child and she always felt loved when she heard his voice.  Amanda explained that he was always able to ease her fear whether about nervousness on the first day of school or being scared about halloween. 

Amanda keeps a picture of her grandfathers B-29 Bomber plane above her desk in her office.  Her grandfather suffered from post traumatic stress disorder due to his experiences as a pilot in World War II.  She says he never received a diagnosis or treatment and was frequency misunderstood, especially by his family.  As a result, two generations were negatively impacted for many years. The picture helps remind her that one individuals struggle with mental illness always affects an entire family.  She also collects Sigmund Freud action figures.  A family that she worked with began giving them to her as a joke and they soon began to accumulate around her office.

Amanda came to Calo as a therapist in June of 2008.  It was at Calo that she met James Gregory.  They were recently engaged and will be married April 24, 2010.  They are motorcycle enthusiasts, own a Harley, and enjoy long sightseeing trips together.  Amanda will have 2 step children, Gabe 9 and Ava 3.  Gabe likes to ride dirt bikes and says he wants to be spy. Ava is 3 and loves animals of all kinds.  She is looking forward to new adventures together with her growing family.