An Incredible Training

As all of therapists sat in the upper conference room early on Thursday morning, one thing kept going through my head, We are about to do training with one of the key figures in Attachment Therapy, Dr. Arthur Becker-Weidman, wow!  It wasnt that it was just Another training, but four personally focused hours within the intimate setting of just Calos clinical team.  This was a unique training that accessed here and now experiences and interventions that were happening within the current caseloads of our therapists.  I am sincerely grateful to Dr. Arthur Becker-Weidman for his time, keen insight into changing lives, and ability to be passionate and committed to helping other professionals.

The training was a tremendous opportunity and highlighted that Calos model for treatment is truly relationship focused and is grounded in making long term and profound change in the lives of its students and families.  Dr. Art helped to illustrate that we (Calo) are providing treatment that has been established as an effective, evidenced based therapeutic approach that is proven to create long term change in the lives of families struggling with the impact of trauma and attachment difficulties. 

As the training progressed, I could see the faces of the therapist lighting up as they internalized precious Nuggets of information that helped to conceptualize what we do with succinct language.  One of the most power concepts outlining our model of treatment was the progression of four key concepts; Alliance, Exploration, Integration, and Healing.  Being able to have Dr. Art carefully articulate these words was immensely helpful in understanding how we must always remember that relationship (Alliance) is the foundation of change.  With this foundation comes the ability explore experiences and emotions from the past which are affecting the student in the present.  With exploration comes the ability (due to the safety of the relationship/alliance) to begin to integrate those experiences and emotions into the students emotional and physical Narrative.  This process is the way in which healing occurs and the student then can begin to work towards constructing a coherent narrative of their life and begin to feel safer trusting others and experiencing emotional intimacy. 

I am now a few days removed from this training an am excited to use these terms to create experiences and education for parents in which families begin to heal and grow.  I want to be able to express to those reading this that these terms and concepts are foundational to our treatment and additional questions and thoughts should be directed to your primary therapist to openly explore and experience. 

"Hi, I am humbled by Rob’s comment on the Calo Blog. I really enjoyed working with the group of VERY well trained, competent, and caring professionals. I am glad that I had something to contribute to this outstanding program. Your capacity to implement throughout the program an relationship-based attachment model of treatment is truly impressive and I am privileged to have had the opportunity to work with you and be a part of the marvelous and amazing healing you accomplish. best regards Art." 
                                                                                                         Arthur Becker-Weidman, Ph.D.