Annual Service Project

We recently completed our service sequence in recreational therapy.  The students chose who they wanted to serve and how they wanted to serve them.  One group of boys decided to serve a homeless shelter in Saint Louis called The Covenant House.  They were able to raise enough money by selling chocolate to purchase 10 laptop computers that were donated to kids in need.  The other group of boys chose to raise money for a childrens home in Saint Louis called Every Childs Hope by having a raffle drawing, with prizes such as a one night stay at Camden on the Lake and hundreds of dollars in gift cards to local businesses.  Eventually the boys each sponsored a child and donated backpacks filled with personal gifts for their sponsor.

The girls worked as one team and unanimously chose to serve a pregnancy help center at The Missouri Baptist Childrens Home.  The girls did two fundraisers, a Give Back Night at Chilis where they received 10% of  that nights earnings, and a dog grooming clinic here at Calo for the local public in which the girls bathed, brushed, clipped nails and cleaned the ears of more than 30 dogs.  They were able to visit the center and leave over $2,500 worth of donations including diapers, car seats, cribs, clothing, bouncers and many other needed baby items.

 Here is what some of the kids had to say about their experience: 

 This service project has made me want to continue to help people in need.  I really enjoyed spending time with them even though it made me sad and when we were about to leave the girls said we were the funnest people who ever came to visit them and that made my day. 

I was very excited about this project because I enjoy seeing people get things they need.

I didnt want it to end, but sadly, it did.  This trip has inspired me to become the type that wants to help those in need.

It made me feel like I matter and proud because I helped.  I hope in the future I can help more people.

My experience during this helped me realize that I make a difference to others and that makes a difference in me.  It was freaking AWESOME!