Art Activities at Calo

There is no better way to express oneself than through the arts and Calo students have that opportunity on an almost daily basis.

Twice weekly, the students are able to earn their fine art credit for school with the guidance of our certified art teacher, Mr. Young. Mr. Young teaches all styles of art including but not limited to: drawing, painting, calligraphy and pottery.

For those who are not seeking an art credit, they are still able to enjoy themselves through their weekly session in Personal Expressive Art. Below are examples of a sketch and painting done by students during their Expressive Art time.

One student stated that when she is drawing she is able to "release the emotions" that she has a hard time releasing with words. She states that art is her "own form of personal therapy."

Calo offers fine arts in the musical form too. Students are able to gain their fine art credit by choosing to take Intro to Music, Guitar and/or Piano class. Mrs. Huey, our piano teacher, offers weekly piano lessons for students who wish to take on that challenge. Many of the Calo staff; therapists, the Academic Director, Mr. Juliano, and several coaches are all able to help teach the guitar.

Our Calo students are growing artistically. Frequently you can walk across the milieu and hear the sounds of the piano or the strum of the guitar. You can look to you right and see students in the newly remodeled art loft drawing, painting or taking their turn at the pottery wheel. It is wonderful to see the students express themselves in a positive light; and learning a life long skill.