ATTACh Parent Support

ATTACh (The Association for the Treatment and Training in the Attachment of Children) is offering a benefit to Calo to provide our parents and guardians which I wanted to pass on to you.  You will receive the username and password in an email shortly. I have copied and pasted the letter from ATTACh below:


ATTACh is piloting a new program as a benefit to organizational membership.  We will be offering Parent Membership to your clients, who are not currently members of ATTACh, for the rest of the fiscal year (ending June 30th) at the reduced rate of $25. 

If you have families you are serving, who may be interested in ATTACh membership, please direct them to our website at  Under the Membership tab, as a sub tab to Online Membership Application, is a link to the application.  This reduced rate is limited to families of ATTACh Organizations and is password protected.  Along with the Parent Listserv, ATTACh also conducts bi-monthly parent support conference calls, which your families may find beneficial.

Thank you for your continued support of ATTACh!



Lynn L. Wetterberg

Executive Director