Attending Attach Conference

Specializing in the fields of Attachment, trauma, and emotional regulation means that Calo must be a significant part of the ever advancing treatment, theory, research, and practice of therapy.  Due to our commitment to effective treatment of adolescence and families struggling with these specific issues, we have remained committed to our involvement in the ATTACH organization ( and their annual conference.  This years conference was especially meaningful for Calo because our CEO, Dr. Ken Huey, participated in developing and producing the annual conference as one of the elected members of the ATTACH board.  In addition, Calo was able to be the Platinum sponsor of the conference as well as Dr. Huey being one of the conference presenters. 

One exciting aspect for Calo is that we are able to have our entire clinical team be a significant part of the conference.  This year we were able to travel to Omaha, NE and engage in cutting edge treatment of attachment, trauma, and emotion regulation by partaking in training by such renowned researchers, clinicians, and practitioners as Dr. Ed Tronik, Dr. Laurie Ann Pearlman, Dr. John Briere, and Dr. Arthur Becker-Wiedman.  This training is an invaluable time for our clinicians to continue the process of growth and solidify being an expert clinician in the specialty of attachment and trauma.  It is always a tremendous opportunity for our team to not only learn and grow, but consult with other clinicians, meet parents, represent Calo, and develop relationships with each other. 

This years conference was incredibly impactful and educational, but had a special place in the heart of Calo because the entire clinical team was able to be a present for Dr. Hueys presentation on Transferable Attachment.  This presentation was an interactive experience with actual students from Calo (current and former) who were able to have the courage to become vulnerable about their journey in treatment and the personal transformation they have undergone.  The students were able to show how their relationship with the Golden Retriever canines had allowed them to transfer their ability to attach to their parents/guardians.  It was simply amazing to experience how their involvement in the canine program had contributed so significantly to creating self-worth, empathy, connection, healing, and hope for the student and their families. 

Calos commitment to treatment excellence means that we will continue to remain a significant part of the Attachment and trauma world and always continue to be learning, training, and advancing our skills as clinicians as well as facilitating connection and healing with families.