Choosing to be a therapist is a decision which is rooted in a compelling desire to effect positive change in peoples lives as well as your own.  This type of career choice requires tremendous commitment and dedication to the emotional and physical journey of attuning and facilitating the healing process. This foundational belief has been the cornerstone of my therapeutic career, but has taken on new meaning through the privilege and experience of being a therapist at Calo.  

 As a former outpatient therapist, I was excited to face the challenge of building rapport with clients and then engaging in the traditional therapeutic process.  This was extremely rewarding and I just couldnt even imagine a more rewarding experience existing, yet it did.  Becoming a therapist at Calo was an awakening to what therapy could actually be and how lives could actually change (clients and therapist).  I realized then and am reminded daily that being a Calo therapist is a unique and exceptional opportunity.  It is an intense experience which requires dedication, commitment, and hard work yet yields an abundance of return.  This return has been most evident in my evolution as a therapist, my increased knowledge and understanding of facilitating effective change, development of authentic and emotionally intimate relationships, and experience of adolescence and their families moving from chaos to safety and love. 

Being a therapist at Calo means that I am providing the highest standards for care and treatment while taking extreme pride in knowing that I am apart of an elite team which strives to implement the best quality of therapy.  I am keenly aware that being a Calo therapist explicitly implies that I am striving to evolve not only as a therapist but as a person.  These types of opportunities which motivate and produce authentic passion are really the expectation for being a part of Calo.  Becoming apart of this organization has truly broadened my perspective of being a therapist and what it means to participate in the most rewarding and meaningful of experiences, sharing in lives changing.

 It truly does mean something extraordinary to be a therapist at Calo.  It is a privilege which requires my complete dedication and produces a refinement of my skills, ability, compassion, and overall being.  Sharing and facilitating the emotional and physical journey toward healing is an exceptional responsibility and I can truly say that the Calo expectation is for all therapists to be exceptional.  Being a therapist has always meant something special to me, but being a Calo therapist means so much more than I could have ever imagined.