Calo Adds Music to the Environment

Calo has brought in a piano teacher to help students interested in learning more about music. Ms. Jo is her name, but some call her Bev.  Ms. Jo is very excited to be working with our Calo kids and teaching music.  Music combines so many different things and can have such benefits.  Music is science.  Music is mathematical.  Music is a foreign language, one that penetrates every culture.  Music is history.  Music is physical education.  Music is art.  Music can express things from our hearts that words cannot, says Ms. Jo.
Ms. Jos specialties are piano and voice.  I’m happy to be teaching a few students basic piano skills and hope that we can put together some vocal groups as well.  With all the guitars I’ve seen on campus I’m sure that with a little effort we could put together quite a show, says Ms. Jo.
Ms. Jo has played piano since before she could read and write.  She studied with Brigitta Steidl of California State University until she went away to college on a music scholarship.  She also plays the violin and flute.  I’ve sung in various singing groups all my life, including my family group that performed frequently. I always enjoy teaching or accompanying on the piano.  I love finding an excuse to play because I rarely do with six kids all lined up to practice on our piano.  Ms. Jo has taught five of her six children to play.  The sixth will start lessons in a year.

Students practice on the keyboard in the library as they meet with Ms. Jo each Monday morning.