In the upcoming weeks, Calo students will have the opportunity to join the first ever, Calo Book club.  This idea first came to life a few months ago by one of our prized Calo staff members, Ben Walton.  With collaborated thoughts and an extremely excited Academic Director and teaching staff, we are looking forward to starting very soon. 

The goal of the Calo Book Club is not only to share a love of language and literature, but to also build relationships thought a common bond.  Often our students are stuck reading similar stories over and over; the Calo Book Club hopes to expand and introduce our students to all different genres of literature. 

The book club will meet once a month on Wednesday afternoons.  While we know that we will start small, in a short amount of time, we hope to expand to all departments of Calo.  Everyone is welcome to attend.     

We are open for ideas and would love to hear about the next great novel. Please feel free to send your book ideas to me at