Calo Nursing Staff

CALO recently changed from having one Registered Nurse on-site during business hours, to 24 hour nursing seven days per week.  Nurses are an integral part of providing care to our students.  Our nurses cumulatively have 133 years of experience.  This experience covers a broad range of expertise including Oncology, Cardiac, Pulmonary, Asthma and Diabetes care, to name a few.  They have worked from Missouri, Iowa, Colorado, New Jersey, to as far away as Hawaii and even Africa.  One of our nurses assisted in pre-natal and immunization clinics during an African Christian Mission in Zaire and traveled the desert of Northern Kenya performing height-for-weight assessments on children, talking with the village elders and chiefs during a Food for the Hungry Mission.

Calo nurses are responsible for meeting the day-to-day medical needs of our students, dispensing medication, dispensary oversight, securing doctor, dentist and specialty appointments and keeping parents informed of their childs health, medical and psychiatric needs and provided care. 

Calo also has a contracted dietician who works directly with our kitchen manager/head chef to assure that our students nutritional and any special dietary needs are being met. Our dietician also meets monthly with our students to provide nutritional education highlighting specific areas of concern for adolescents.

Stop by to meet our Nurses:  Karen Harris, Maryanne Murray, Mary Ann Duckworth, Janet Graham, Tara Johnson and Caran Shen.