Calo Variety Show

Throughout the year the creative arts program works through the recreational therapy department to help the students explore and ultimately grasp an understanding of important values including goal setting, teamwork, communication, trust and service.  We recently finished an exciting and productive sequence focusing on communication. 

Approximately ten weeks ago the creative arts department ventured into new territory for our Calo students by choosing to hold the first ever Calo Variety Show.  Recognizing the students’ many gifts and talents we decided to put together a show that focused on the different ways our students could communicate through creative arts.  The focus was not on comparing talents, but giving students an opportunity to express themselves through those talents or creative passions such as music, dance, art and drama.  The students were asked to choose their type of act, and explain what they were trying to communicate through that particular selection. The students spent several weeks in preparation working together and rehearsing for the show. 

We were pleased to have a community church offer their stage, sound system, lighting, and volunteers to make this event an amazing experience for the students.  Not knowing what to expect, the students arrived the morning of the show for a dress rehearsal.  The event took place on that same afternoon and proved to be an awesome experience for all who were present. The students rallied and supported each other in a way that made Calo very proud.  Vocal, drum and piano solos stirred emotions as they communicated a passion for music and rhythm.  Dance performances were both impressive and entertaining as students showcased their ability to get their groove on.  Theatrical performances and comic acts kept the audience entertained as students from Calo had opportunities to communicate their own individuality in a cohesive way that brought students and staff together.