Calo Welcomes Patricia Wilcox

Calo recently welcomed a special guest, therapist and leader in Patricia D. Wilcox, LCSW. In addition to being a great therapist, Pat is the Vice President of Strategic Development at Klingberg Family Centers. I stumbled on Pats blog ( a few months ago and, after making a post and sharing a bit about Calo, we exchanged a few phone calls, e-mails, and ways we might work together all while becoming new friends. Pat was gracious enough to offer up her own time to make a trip to Missouri and visit Calo. There is no doubt that Pat shares our passion and desire to bless the lives of young people and their families. It was helpful having an outside perspective sharing the same philosophical foundation as Calo. The first day of Pats trip she sat down with Calos leadership team and discovered the ways we address attachment, trauma, and mood regulation. Pats second day was consumed in consultation with our therapists and shift leads providing insights and scenarios to push our treatment towards greater effectiveness.  The end result was Pat providing us with helpful awareness and insights of a few more ways we can refine our interventions with the correct perspective. We thank Pat and Klingberg Family Centers for being so good to us and helping us stretch and grow even more.