Every student receives the unique opportunity to participate in therapy groups which specifically address an individual area of their life.  These specific groups are called our Specialized Groups which involve creative experiences involving emotional and physical growth related to a number of specific therapeutic areas: Self-Concept, Social Skills, Attachment, Trauma, Grief and Loss, Survivor, Mood Regulation, and others.  The groups incorporate a continuum of the Calo model into the experiential dynamic of the therapeutic groups.  This unique experience becomes one which students and therapist share and create intimacy through exploring and changing emotions and behaviors surrounding painful/deficit areas in their lives.

The Specialized Groups are conducted over a twelve week period where students experience relationships, interventions, projects, and activities to foster growth, resolution, healing, and development (emotionally and physically).  Therapists take significant care in implementing therapeutic experiences which best meets the needs of the students and allows them to feel acceptance and care while working to gain skill and/or increase vulnerability and intimacy.  Activities and projects are specifically designed to elicit focus on one the Specialized topics while continuing to experience every aspect of the Calo model (Trust of Care, Trust of Control, Trust of Self, and Interdependence).   

An example of a Specialized Group project occurs in the Attachment Group.  Each student in the group engages in team building experiences which develop a thorough understanding of Attachment symptoms, causes, types, and treatment while developing a personal narrative.  This personal narrative becomes their Life Story which takes them through a process of vulnerability, re-experiencing of traumatic events (within a safe relationship), solidifying it on paper, trusting others to share, exploration of fears, current emotions and behaviors, and future goals and aspirations.  The process allows them to Experience safety within relationships while Feeling emotions about their entire life.  Each student shares their Life Story with the group and then participates in actively listening and reflecting on the Life Stories of the other group members.  The Attachment Group becomes an experience which the students authentically invests in and ends up having a document which becomes priceless to them.  They have been able to learn about their Attachment issues while actually taking steps to experience emotional change.   

The Specialized Groups are uniquely creative and meaningful.  They are one example of the consistency of care which is brought to every aspect of treatment at Calo.