Calo’s New Curriculum

As you know, the Calo academic department has partnered with Park City Independent to provide online curriculum for educating our students. For the last two years, they have provided us with the curriculum necessary to help our students attain educational goals. They have offered our students a variety of courses and given us the ability to accept students from any state with the guarantee that the credits earned at Calo will be honored in their home states and local school. We are grateful for all that Park City has been able to offer Calo. However, as we look to the future, we have found a different curriculum provider who can provide a more robust academic experience on many different levels.

We are extremely excited to announce a new partnership with curriculum provider K12. Beginning March 5th, Calo will be utilizing a variety of curriculum offered by this nationally known and recognized group. In order to ensure that our students continue to earn credits which will be recognized nation-wide, we are also partnering with Advantages School for our academic accreditation (Advantages is accredited by AdvancED). Curriculum will be primarily computer based, but will incorporate many more didactic learning (teacher led, with teacher at the head of the class) opportunities than are currently available. To assist in this process, we are purchasing an additional smart board as well as several tablets and laptops to allow for more interactivity and creativity from both students and teachers. With the addition of this curriculum, we now have the capability of offering credit recovery courses as well as an honors/AP track for our students. During this process, we will also begin teaching students in classes which are divided based upon grade level. We believe this curriculum will enable our students to progress through courses in a more efficient manner while learning the necessary material through interactive methods. In combination with our teachers skills and creativity, we are confident that this curriculum will provide students the enhanced learning opportunities they need.

In preparation for this change of curriculum, Calo will spend one week (February 27- March 2) focusing on elective courses such as Canine Science, Interpersonal Communication, PE, Art, and Recreational Therapy. This will allow teachers the time necessary to adequately train, plan, and create the courses inside of K12. As we transition to this new curriculum, students will begin a class in the same place where they have left off with their Park City course. For instance, if student Janey is in Science and has completed 25% of the course, we will make certain that we extract 25% of the lessons from her K12 curriculum. She will not lose any progress or be penalized for this curriculum transition.

This is an exciting day for Calo Academics and for all our students. We believe this partnership with K12 will add tremendous learning power to what we are providing for our students. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Krista Allison