Calo’s Newest Arrivals

As the holiday season begins to come to a close and the New Year is beginning, it is wonderful to look back and see all that has been accomplished, all that has been learned, all that has been lost and all that has been re-found in 2010. As we look at the New Year ahead, I wanted to highlight an amazing experience that started for our students toward the end of 2010 and that will carry over through 2011 and beyond.

Calo students had the amazing opportunity of being able to participate in the experience of helping to bring new life into the world and to care for those new lives after their arrival. Patches, one of our beloved Golden Retrievers, had her first litter of puppies midway through December. The Calo student body supported and cared for Patches during her pregnancy and the Calo student puppy team was there for all the action upon the delivery of the new puppies. The puppy team helped the new mother as she delivered her eleven puppies, caring for and nurturing the new mother and her puppies as well as providing on-going care and training as the puppies progress through the normal stages of development.  It has been an eye opening process for the students as they fill the role of caregiver to such small, helpless and dependent animals. It allows our students to experience the role of a care giver in a way that might not otherwise be possible. The experience and on-going care and training of these puppies provide our students with increased opportunities for true empathy and vulnerability in their own relationships.