Ariel Twyman Canine Therapy Director

Ariel was born in the small town of Moberly, MO. She spent a lot of her childhood moving back and forth to the lake until age 13. Her family and self has resided at the lake since then. Also being the place she received her GED in 2010. Ariel has adapted to the lake life fairly well. She considers herself a jack of trades, taking interest in many hobbies and skills and never slowing down to master just one. Ariel has a huge heart and is always thinking of others before herself including animals. She believes CALO will be the perfect place to take her selfless caring heart where she hopes to help others on many different levels. She also wishes to expand her education, knowledge and career with CALO.

Jacob McDonald Canine Therapy Assistant

Jacob has worked in residential for the past 4 years, working with kids both adopted and in state custody foster care systems. Jacob has worked with kids in other capacities as well, such as Salvation Army community centers and youth groups. Jacob is familiar with our program, and even adopted his own calo canine, Ella.

Jessica Blanks Canine Therapy Assistant

Jess joined the canine therapy department in 2017 after spending time getting know the students on the front lines as a coach. Jess is passionate about family as well as well as the work we do to restore families every day. Since moving into canine therapy she has experienced great joy in being able to connect with families through the use of canines, and become more creatively engaged through her love of animals! Jess works primarily with our teen and preteen girls, doing training, grooming, and helping our students become more affective animal handlers as they work on transferable attachment.

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