The Preteen Clinical Case manager provides assistance to Preteen therapists and is a primary communicator of therapeutic services to Preteen students, staff, parents, educational consultants, and referents at Calo.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • High school diploma
  • Valid Missouri driver’s license



Minimum Skills:

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Must be detail oriented and organized
  • Must be able to create and follow through on schedules, timelines and deadlines
  • Must be able to communicate and engage with both staff and students
  • Greater than average computer skills, especially in word and excel programs


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or related subject



  • Assessment of each child’s needs, strengths and weaknesses
  • Update individual treatment plans via the student’s therapist
  • Monitoring the implementation of an individual’s treatment plan to assure services are being provided as planned
  • Advocacy on behalf, of the individual to assure accessibility to services
  • Schedule and convene monthly Treatment Team Meetings
  • Ensure that each students support plan is given to team leads after treatment team meeting
  • Will manage and update student’s file with aid of therapist. This will be gathering data from a dictation device and uploading the data to Best Notes
  • Assist therapist in working with parents to assure that specific needs are being met
  • Coordinate with other departments to make sure that the appropriate documentation and information is being shared about each student
  • Attend several meetings a week which includes, treatment team, 1:1’s with therapist and other pre-teen department meetings
  • Work cooperatively using a team approach
  • Education to family in regards to CASA, the structure of the preteen program and how to work with current Calo’s processes
  • Assists in collection of program data and provides reports as necessary to immediate supervisor
  • Provides quality documentation
  • Monitors status of Joint Commission requirements for clinical department
  • Assists with Nexonia data entry for clinical department
  • Sort and distribute mail/packages to therapists or campus coordinator
  • Assists in travel arrangements for therapists, ie. home visits
  • Assist and  liaison  with Utilization Review preparations
  • Will perform and document post- discharge calls- EDOD details
  • Assist with TOC schedules and travel phone communication
  • Stay abreast of therapists calendars and work with parents and other staff in setting up appointments for the therapist
  • Assist therapist in completing deadlines like YOQ and other Survey type information
  • Have an understanding of Family Bridge Post pictures and create blogs to Family Bridge
  • Completing parent checklists for on boarding
  • Sending out parent survey requests
  • Compilation of NPS information for clinical department
  • Prepare/manage all Parent Seminars/Family Days
  • Assist therapist with AFTERCARE and EMBARK arrangements
  • Onboarding of families- welcome packets, handbooks, letters from dept heads, student schedules, etc.
  • safety closeness monitoring lists to all PT
  • current student team lists, therapist lists
  • Send out new student intro info to staff
  • Prepares all off campus forms
  • Prepare/manage all student transition ceremonies
  • Follow-up on location of students personal belongings, ie. glasses, books, retainers, incoming packages from parents, etc.
  • Assist with academic IEP meetings
  • Arrangement of communion services
  • Updating SA and IR spreadsheets
  • QA that  Dr. Mahal psych notes are in on time
  • Communication to therapist of new orders from psychiatrist, physicians, dietician, specialists

Specific Requirements

  • Experience in working with students and families in the mental health community
  • Preferred experience in working with students in a residential setting
  • Must be detail oriented and organized
  • Must be able to create and follow through on schedules, timelines and deadlines
  • Must be able to communicate and engage with both staff and students
  • Must have valid driver’s license
Additional Competencies:

Self Confidence:

  • The case manage develops their own personal style  that incorporates the Calo model and principles as the core
  • Demonstrate self-confidence under all circumstances


·        The case manager is able to recognize that parents/preteen students are doing the best they can

  • The case manager is sincerely and genuinely seek to understand
  • The case manager is able to validate and empathize, even when they do not agree
  • The case manager exhibits multicultural competence
  • Ability to recognize that parents/ preteen students are doing their best
  • Ability to express genuine acceptance


  • The case manager creates and maintains personal/professional boundaries
  • The case manager actively practices self-care and seeks appropriate support/intervention
  • The case manager is committed to success and health of team


  • The case manager has a specific passion/ love for Calo’s work and vision
  • The case manager is personally invested in seeking out best practices to help preteen students and families
  • The case manager is driven to understand the Calo model and be able to execute job responsibilities with this commitment


  • The case manager has a strong sense of understanding and believing in own abilities
  • The case manager is able to seek help, ask questions, be curious
  • The case manager is growth minded
  • Ability to be present and engaged when needed


·        The case manager is able to see and appreciate the value of perspective other than his/her own

·        The case manager demonstrates openness to new organizational change and growth


·        Demonstrate thorough understanding of CASA model and underpinnings of preteen therapy.


Physical Requirements

  • Sitting- employee is required at times to sit for extended periods of time without being able to leave the work area
  • Standing- the employee is required at times to remain on his or her feet in an upright position for continuous periods of time without being able to leave the work area
  • Walking- the employee is required at times to walk considerable distances in the facility and outside the facility during the course of his or her work
  • Lifting- the employee is required at times to raise or lower students from one level to another during the shift and must be able to lift up to 45 pounds in order to perform SCM
  • Carrying- the employee is required at times to carry objects in his or her arms and must have full mobility of arms to perform SCM
  • Stooping and Crouching- the employee is required to bend forward by bending at the waist or by bending legs and spine in order to perform SCM







How To Contact Calo

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