Attachment Treatment

I wanted to share a few things with you all that Jill and I did today during her individual session. When I first went to get Jill she was pretty hyped up so I walked beside her as she road her scooter outside and she began to talk to me about her biological mother. Jill’s rythmes came down and we were able to grab some sidewalk chalk and she did a great job completing an activity with me (see picture).

In the picture I outlined Jill and then gave her an emotion and asked her “where do you feel that in your body” and then followed up with “what does it feel like”. I did not give Jill any other directives or ask any other questions and she was able to pick a color and then do the drawing it might be hard to differentiate the colors in the picture so below is the descriptions.

Sad is white

She stated that the heart is white because it's empty and it's broken
She feels sad in “my brain”

Orange is anger

She feels anger in her head –she elaborated stating sometimes she has thoughts of hurting others 
She feels anger in her heart – she stated it beats quickly (hard to tell if angry or scared)
She feels anger in her hands – and then sometimes hits people
She feels anger in her feet – and then sometimes kicks people
She feels anger in her mouth – and I bite when I'm angry 

Yellow is scared

She feels scared in my brain – thoughts run through my brain really quickly and 
She feels scared in my eyes – I see flashback I see bad things that happened to me 
She feels scared in my heart – it pumps really fast (its hard to tell if angry or scared)
The yellow sqiggly lines are because when she feels scared my whole body shakes
She feels scared in my hands – I clench them
She feels scared in my toes – I clench them

Happy is pink

She made the mouth pink because she smiles when I'm happy 
She placed some pink in her Heart – because when she is happy her heart smiles 
She feels it in her feet – and so she runs because I'm excited
She feels it in her hands and so she will do crafty things 
Pink in the Eyes because they are bright when she is happy

In talking to Jill we came up with an idea of her doing this on the floor when struggling. I know that this is not always possible to facilitate but Jill is going to work on asking for the sheets (they are in the team home) when she feels she needs to let staff know what she is feeling. These sheets can also be used when you sense that she is becoming dysregulated. I know that sometimes she goes from 0-100 she can be fine one second and the next is dysregulated and it happens quickly. Travis and I had a conversation about this and I’m working on building a relationship with Jill and getting a baseline for her as we’ve only been working together for a few weeks now.

If any of you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.