Communications Camping Trip

Recently Calo students and staff returned from a three day camping trip here on the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks.  The focus of our trip was communication.  As the students paddled from campsite to campsite on the lake they participated in different activities that required them to dig deep and utilize the communication skills they have been working on over the last few months. 

One particular challenge that went surprisingly well was the Calo cook- off.  Groups of four or five students were assigned to prepare, cook and serve different meals to their community.  It was entertaining to watch as students worked together to serve one another.  One meal that was particularly delicious was the fried catfish.  Armed with little chunks of hot dogs students fished late into the night when the big catfish come out.  Our students were able to catch enough fish to fry up and serve with Top Ramen. 

There were several hiccups along the way as students were forced to work through their communication issues while paddling their canoes.  Day two of the trip was spent paddling eight miles.  There were several frustrations that really challenged our students to work together.  Students became visibly frustrated with the heat, with the lake and with their own canoe partners at times.  Almost without exception our students were able to calmly, appropriately and respectfully address these frustrations and come up with solutions.  This allowed us to cover a lot of ground quickly leaving plenty of time for waterskiing, tubing and wakeboarding.

For our next sequence we will be exploring the relationship between trust and deception as we learn to fly fish.  We are confident that there will be many great lessons ahead.