Continued Growth of Outside Funding Sources for Our Families

With all the changes in the economy and the changes in healthcare, Calo has searched for additional avenues of financial aid to help support families that feel Calo is the right fit for their child/family but are unable to fund their childs treatment without help. In the last four years.

Calo has actively:

·        Researched and pursued Medicaid contracts as appropriate for individual students.

·        Pursued single case agreements with specific insurance companies for individual students.

·        Pursued facility based contracts with AETNA, Blue Cross Blue Shield, CIGNA and United Behavioral Healthcare.

·        Researched and pursued state adoption subsidy support for appropriate students.

·        Located experts in the insurance field to help families navigate the insurance appeals process.

·        Researched and pursued educational loan opportunities for families.

·        Provided limited scholarships to appropriate families.

·        Added 24/7 nursing staff to help increase the insurance benefits that are available for our families.

·        Pursued and achieved approved private agency status with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education   

         (DESE) as of way of supporting families pursuing school board funding.

·        Pursued and achieved Joint Commission accreditation.

·        Pursed and achieved state licensure.

Calo continues to:

·        File insurance forms directly to insurance companies monthly as requested by our families.

·        Submit and resubmit forms and requests by the insurance company for general invoicing and appeals purposes.

·        Provide mental health information for insurance appeals as requested by our families.

·        Insurance pre and ongoing authorizations.

·        Continue to research and pursue other revenue sources.

Due to all our efforts, Calo has seen a significant increase in the number of families receiving all or partial reimbursement from their insurance companies. Statistics in regard to families receiving insurance support:

Insurance Benefits                         2007    2008    2009    2010

Therapy Session coverage           0          10        19         20

Partial Residential coverage          0           2         7           7

Full Residential coverage              1           4         7           11     .

Calo is committed to continuing to search for outside funding sources to support current and potential families.