Cookin’ in the Kitchen

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of accompanying two of our Calo boys while they performed a cooking lab for their Foods Class.  What an afternoon!!!  While I was prepared to cook, I learned that no amount of preparation could actually prepare me for cooking with two teenage boys.

The Foods class is an elective credit that the boys were earning through BYU.  While the class was enjoyable, the real interest came when they learned that cooking would be involved, they could hardly wait to get started.  The requirements of the cooking lab were that the students must pick four recipes out of thirty, cook the food, write about it and take pictures of their items.  The boys chose to make an apple crisp, banana nut bread a fruit smoothie and a bean burrito  Easy enough!?

One of our boys was lucky to have his parents on campus with him that day.  They too enjoyed the events of the cooking lab.  With two extra sets of eyes, one would have thought that we would have caught all minor mishaps with ingredients

The first recipe we tackled was the beautiful apple crisp.  It was easily the most desired food for the boys and the recipe they wanted done immediately.  The boys were able to follow the directions and measure all of the ingredients perfectly or so we thought.  It was only after we had moved on to the banana nut bread that we realized something was not going well. 

As one of the boys was scooping flour out of the flour bin, we noticed a small white bag on the counter.  Out of it had come 1 ½ cups of a powdery white substance which had been used in making the apple crisp, we thought it was flour.  Only then, did we realize our vital mistake.  Instead of flour in the apple crisp, they had used 1 ½ cups of baking powder.  It was hard to quit laughing.  Between three adults and two teenagers no one noticed the mistake until it was too late.  Needless to say, the apple crisp was not crisp and tasted like a pile of salt.  (The boys felt they must taste it just to make sure no real mistake had been made, they spit it out immediately, only causing more laughter) 

The banana nut bread was another adventure.  After we had realized the apple crisp mistake, the boys were afraid that they would not have enough food to share with their peers; they decided to double the recipe for the banana nut bread.  They figured out all of the proper measurements and mixed the ingredients but when it came time to add the eggs, we only had two we needed four.  One of the boys said, Its only an egg, how important can that be?  We soon found out!  I advise anyone to always use the proper amount of eggs in any recipe.  The banana nut bread was mush inside a hard brown shell.  It smelled vaguely familiar, but wrong in so many different ways.  Strike two!

The two easiest recipes were the ones that required the smallest amount of work.  It was not difficult to combine orange juice and milk for the smoothie and we all enjoyed it!  The burrito was also a success, it was not difficult to add beans and cheese to a tortilla!

I had an absolute ball with the boys that afternoon.  We made lasting memories and added to our relationships.  They were engrossed in a positive activity and were learning at the same time.  School is wonderful in so many ways!