Creating Alignment at Calo

We don't talk about Mission Statements at Calo.  Mission Statements are one of the most misunderstood and ineffective organizational design tools out there.  Mission Statements should inspire, motivate and give us all a sense of ownership.  They are also supposed to tell us what the organization is supposed to do and not do (strategy).  What usually happens is that nobody remembers them – and they frequently become a mumbo jumbo of words that mean nothing because the Statement ends up having a little something for everybody and everything. 
More powerful than a Mission Statement is a slogan or mantra.  For a statement to be memorable and motivational it has to be around 10 words (ours is 6).  Our Core Purpose. 
At Calo we don’t talk about Mission Statements.  Instead, at Calo, we talk about the following:
Why We Exist
Calo’s Core Purpose, our reason for existence, is to profoundly change lives and create joy.
Our Vision
Calo's Vision is to Become to Childhood Trauma what St. Jude's is to Childhood Cancer
How We Behave
We behave in alignment with our core values.  We approach work and life empathetically, with a growth mindset and servant heart, always focusing on the here and now in order to build trusting relationships with those around us.
What we Do
We provide therapeutic and academic services to adoptive families affected by early childhood trauma.
How We Will Succeed
We will differentiate ourselves and succeed by:

  • living our core purpose,
  • staying true to our treatment model,
  • protecting our unique core values,
  • creating a caring , compassionate family-like culture 
  • seamlessly executing our one of a kind model 
  • continually improving (always growing), 
  • maintaining agility 
  • growing the capabilities of our managers/leaders, 
  • keeping our customers close, 
  • maintaining rigorous discipline thought and action, 
  • soliciting, giving and welcome feedback 
  • confronting the brutal facts

We have realized that when our team is cohesive, when we are unambiguously aligned around a commons set of answers to these few critical questions, when we communicate those answers again and again and again, and when we put effective processes in place to reinforce those answers, we end up creating an environment in which success is almost impossible to prevent.
At Calo we believe all teammates are inherently driven to be successful.  Our goal is to create the right environment for that to happen.
Welcome to Calo.

Alex Stavros
President, CEO and Chairman of Calo

The Calo Family of Programs