Employee Assistance Fund

Change Academy Lake of the Ozarks has an Employee Assistance Fund (EAF) which was established to help members of staff in times of emergency financial need, such as accidents, illnesses, loss of household income or any other economic emergency. 

Any employee may apply for assistance provided they meet requirements outlined in the policy.  An eligible employee completes and submits an EAF application request for financial assistance to Human Resources who verifies eligibility, removes the employee’s name from the application and submits the request to the Leadership Team.  Employees submitting requests for assistance remain anonymous except to the HR director.  The employee submits receipts, invoices and other information that will help with the decision.

The leadership team may approve assistance for housing, utilities (except telephone), car repair, medical bills, and related needs.  Other emergencies may be considered on an individual basis.  Requests can be approved for other than the full amount of the request. 

If the request is approved, a check will be written.  When possible, the check is made payable to the creditor or company not the employee.  An employee receiving assistance may not apply again the the EAF for 12 months.

The Employee Assistance Fund is funded entirely by donations and will remain active as long as funds are available.