Enrollment Expectations (part 1) – What to Expect on the Day of Enrollment

Due to the uniqueness of the experience, the day of enrollment often is a time of great expectation but also a time of great anxiety. Proper knowledge of what to expect, what to bring, etc. helps to ease the transition. This blog is designed to outline what the parents can expect to occur on the day of enrollment.  

Welcome & Introductions: When the family arrives at Calo the admissions staff greets and welcomes the family.  The family spends about 30 minutes completing admissions paperwork and finalizing the admissions process. As a part of the admissions process the parents will be provided a parent handbook.

*All admissions paperwork should be brought completed on the day of enrollment or should be provided to Calo prior to enrollment. All student belongings to include clothing, the students favorite bedding from home, a favorite pillow, etc. should be brought at the time of enrollment (refer to Student Clothing and Belongings list).

Campus Tour: Following the completion of the admissions paperwork, the admissions staff and the family participate in a campus tour. Even though the family has typically toured previously, the tour on the day of enrollment is a way to help the student feel grounded and an active part of the admissions process.

*The campus tour normally takes about 45 minutes. If the family has not toured prior to the students enrollment the parents will have meetings schedule with each key department (Clinical/Canine, Academic, and Recreation).

Following the campus tour the student will join the residential coaching staff to begin the intake processing and initial student orientation. While the student begins the initial intake process, the parents will meet with the students treating therapist.

Student Intake: During the student intake process the Residential Coaching staff will walk the student through the basic intake search procedures, have the student change into Calo appropriate attire, complete an initial orientation with the student, provide the student with a student handbook and bring the students belongings to the campus coordinator to be checked in. The campus coordinator will check all the students belongings in and return any items that are not appropriate for campus to the family. After the initial intake the student will join the other students on campus.

Meeting with Treating Therapist: The meeting with the treating therapist is designed to be a time for the parents of the enrolling student to connect with the therapist, provide a face-to-face student history and get on the same page with regard to expectations for treatment. The therapist will explain their role as the head coach, and will set-up call times for social and family therapy calls. This initial meeting is basically an initial orientation for the parents. Following the completion of the Therapist meeting the parents will spend time on-site with their child. The amount of time spent on campus will vary depending on the specific needs of the family and student.

This blog series has three parts. The next installment will discuss common reactions students may exhibit when first arriving at Calo. Part two will be posted March 21, 2011.