Art Hickman, M.B.A.


Art is the Executive Director of the Calo Teen Program located in Lake Ozark. Prior to Calo, Art was a Regional Director for a residential treatment center in Alabama for 22 years. Art received his bachelors degree from Columbia College and his MBA from Nova Southeastern University. Art has worked in the past as a house parent, in admissions, marketing, and operations of several treatment locations. Art fundamentally believes in our purpose to profoundly change lives and create joy. One of the reasons that Art came to Calo was because Calo seeks to create joy. Art has a firm belief that there is a difference between happiness and joy and seeks to help our students be able to find joy. He believes that joy is a result of a shared experience and that joy can be found no matter their circumstance. Art has two children that are in college and loves spending time outdoors.