Chad Hickam B.S, Masters in History


My name is Chad Hickam, I have been at CALO for almost 1 year now and am currently a Team Lead for the Spartan’s Team. I am a single father of a great son named Riley; who is 14. Prior to coming to CALO I have served both in the military and in civil service in Law Enforcement. I have college education in various backgrounds of Exercise Science, Nutrition, History, and Criminal Justice. I also work in the fitness field and compete in Strongman Competitions(As seen on TV). I have a sports background of Football, Hockey and Rugby as well as studying the martial art of peace in Aikido. Another passion of mine is Radio where I part-time moonlight as a on-air DJ for a local radio station. I look forward in working with our students and helping in any way I can for their future success in life. Sincerely, Chad Hickam Spartan’s Team Lead