Lindsey Bunch, M.S.W.


Lindsay has lived in Missouri her entire life and grew up in the southeast part of the state where she grew up with her two parents and older brother. She moved from the southeastern part of the state to pursue her passion in the field of Social work where she graduated from William Woods University with her BSW. After completing her undergraduate degree, Lindsay began work for the state of Missouri as a Family Centered Service worker through the Department of Social Services in 2007. In 2009, Lindsay began her graduate degree at the University of Missouri and graduated with her MSW in 2011. During her time in graduate school, Lindsay began working for the Cole County Circuit Court as a Juvenile Officer. During her ten years working for the court, she handled abuse and neglect cases. She worked an average caseload of 65-80 cases at a time and oversaw their completion from beginning to end. She learned an immense amount of knowledge on Reactive Attachment Disorder and other childhood trauma related disorders through her work at the juvenile office. Through her experience, this has allowed her to understand the conventional ways of handling trauma are not effective and this is what led her to the CASA model. She believes CALO provides each student and family with meaningful experiences that lead them to healing.