Rebecca Chilson


Rebecca joined the team in February of 2016 as a residential coach and quickly became a valuable key player because of her relational skills and her willingness and ability to maintain a positive attitude in any situation. She joined the Neuro team in January of 2017 and soon after helped launch the Calo Clinic, working with staff, students and outpatients alike to find balance through neurofeedback. After some time of focusing mainly on the Calo Clinic, she decided to dedicate her attention to the teen program full time. Her skills and passion are greatly amplified in maintaining consistent connections fostered with the students at Calo, and her plans are to continue to build positive connections and help the students build trust and a sense of wellbeing during their path of healing. Outside of Calo, Rebecca has many passions, including cooking, reading, researching subjects of interest, yoga, excursions in nature, and providing a nurturing atmosphere of learning, creativity and joy for her two children Desmond and Corinne. Rebecca’s hunger for knowledge and strong empathy drive her forward with passion, and she will continue to be an asset to the Neurotherapy team at Calo.