Samika Johnston, B.S.


Samika has been with Calo for four years, in her time with calo she started a Direct care staff and and spent her time really learning the students, staff, and overall program goals. After working multiple teams and learning leadership techniques that helped her have a more focused view of what The program stands for, she was promoted to Team lead. She managed her team with the attention to detail that her Leadership took close notice of, and when an organizational position opened she was ready to take her career to the next Level. Currently Samika is the team lead Supervisor for the Preteen program and has been training her subordinate leaders to strive to be better in their field. Samika holds a B.S in Biology from Lane College which is one of the oldest HBCU campuses in the Mid Western region of the country. Samika’s path was one of Nursing until she discovered her ability to be just as impactful by helping struggling Teens, Preteens, Families, and staff. Her vision for the future is optimistic and she knows that she wants to stay in this field doing this work.