Samika Johnston, B.S.


Samika has been with Calo since 2014, starting as a coach (direct care staff) spending her time learning the students, staff, and overall program goals. After working with multiple teams and growing leadership techniques, she was promoted to role of a Team Lead for the Teen Girls program. After several years of growth as a Team Lead, an organizational position opened allowing her to gain more experience, and she stepped into the role of Team Lead Supervisor for our Preteen Program. After learning from this position, Samika currently holds the role of Teen Girls Residential Manager, working with the students, parents, Team Leads, and clinical team to ensure best care. Samika holds a B.S. in Biology from Lane College, one of the oldest HBCU campuses in the Midwestern region of the country. Samika’s path was one of Nursing until she discovered her ability to be just as impactful by helping struggling Teens and their families. Her vision for the future is optimistic and she knows that she wants to continue in this field of service.