Exciting Program for Calo Employees

Calo has established an Employee Emergency Assistance Fund.  This fund helps staff members in times of emergency financial need, such as accidents, illnesses, loss of household income, natural disasters or any other economic emergency.

Full and part time employees are eligible once they have been employed by Calo for at least 6 months; have had no disciplinary action within 90 days; and have exhaustedall other means of assistance.  Employees can receive assistance once during a 12 month period.

An eligible employee completes an employee emergency assistance application requesting financial assistance and submits it to the director of human resources.  The application must include original copies of invoices or receipts and an explanation of the situation.  Employees can request assistance for housing, utilities (except telephone), car repair, medical bills, natural disasters and other related needs.  

Each application is submitted to the Leadership Team.  The employee’s name remains confidential.  The Leadership Team can approve all, part or none of the request.  If any part of the request is approved, a check is made payable to the creditor or company, not the employee.

The assistance program is funded entirely by donations.  Staff submit payroll deduction forms to the human resources office to contribute and many families choose to donate to the program, therefore offering assistance to all employees rather than gifting individuals during the year and especially near the holidays.