Winter Parent Seminar

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

It’s been a few months since we have reminded you so we wanted you be aware of our upcoming Winter (Thanksgiving) parent seminar. The last few years we have had a parent seminar the day before Thanksgiving and this year we will be doing the same. Please, if you can make it, plan on attending our next parent seminar on Wednesday November 23rd at 12:30PM. Between 12:15-12:25PM please make your way into our dining room to grab a tray of lunch and then head to the conference room with your lunch by 12:30pm so we can start on time. The seminar will be an hour and a half aimed on core beliefs. The seminar will be led by two of our great therapists, Amanda and Evan. After the seminar we will have a short break before having a parent support group. Please notify your treating therapist if you will be in attendance just as soon as you know if you are coming so we can get an accurate head count. We look forward to seeing you!

We invite all parent(s)/guardian(s) to please check this blog and the parent portal regularly. We post information about upcoming events in these locations so you can plan ahead as we know you have much to juggle. You may also wish to sign up for blog notifications by simply entering your e-mail address in the space provided on this page before clicking, "Notify me."