The Importance of Family Involvement

Calo doesnt enroll students into our program, we enroll families. The family is an integral part of the treatment and healing process for all our students. As the primary attachment figures our parents/guardians play an active role in the treatment team and their childs progress. At Calo, we strongly encourage our families to be on our campus at least every 6-8 weeks (more if possible and clinically appropriate) for individual family coaching visits. During these visits, as well as during family therapy sessions, family relationships and parenting are directly coached. Families are interactive in our milieu and participate in many of our experiential activities such as recreation therapy and canine training/therapy. Our leadership team, our therapists and our residential coaches are all part of this process. Attachment parenting is modeled and parents are directly coached on how to utilize and implement therapeutic touch, coaching and rhythm control in the home as it is utilized within the Calo program. Our campus is open to our families during family time and we invite our families to participate in their childs treatment and healing process.

Family time is from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM Monday thru Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Families are welcomed and encouraged to be on campus during these times. These times are set in such a way that we respect our students privacy in the morning hours as they are preparing for their day and in the evening hours as they are settling down and preparing for bed. The clinical staff and support staff at Calo are prepared to offer assistance to parents during these times.

As you consider placement for your child consider the active role you will play in this process. At Calo, playing an active role is an expectation of all of our families.