Family Therapy

Weekly family therapy is conducted by the treating therapist.

•  Accessing parents personal narratives and emotional strengths and weaknesses.
•  Creating therapeutic movement between parents and student.
•  Assessing and evaluating the students and parents emotional and behavioral ability to reunify (realities of being able to come home).
•  Providing psychoeducation on healthy family dynamics, necessary parental structure and boundaries, bottom line rules, and principles of attachment, communication, and relationship.
•  Experiencing principles of Unconditional Love/Trust & Privileges.
•  Implementing plan for continued relationship and progress (bottom lines, interventions).
•  Addressing realities of resistance (beginning grieving, accepting loss, facing different trajectories).
•  Establishing parent future focus.


Parent Support Groups

Meet and share with other parents experiencing similar grief and challenges. Facilitated by a Masters level Therapist, parent support groups are a great opportunity to be vulnerable and to learn you are not alone. Through vulnerability and support we learn to accept our realities and move forward in a constructive way.

Family Visits

Calo believes in a systemic approach to treatment. The family system and especially the role of parents/guardians is critical in helping students find a secure base of healthy relationships and long-term success. As a result, Calo encourages families to visit at least every 6-8 weeks. During these visits, as well as during family therapy sessions, family relationships and parenting are directly coached.

Family Social Calls

Each student is also eligible for a weekly telephone call with parents. These phone calls are intentionally less supervised and provide an opportunity for students and families to interact genuinely.

Family Home Visits

As students progress in their treatment, an important step for growth is experiencing home life without the walls and safety of Calo. Therefore, all home visits are approved by the treatment team and should be "therapeutic visits." Please be aware that home visit policies are dramatically different depending on the needs of each family. Each student's holiday plans will be made in accordance with his/her progress, personal needs, the needs of the family and the guidelines of the treatment team. If the student remains on campus during a holiday, family members are encouraged to spend time with their student on campus.

Family Intensives

At Calo we believe in creating treatment that is unique and extraordinary. Calo's 2 to 5 Day Family Intensives are very productive yet very hard emotionally because of the realities many of our families are facing as couples and as parents. Families are able to explore how their histories play out in the present and what area's need to be changed in order to create a safer relationship for all to thrive in. Families have the opportunity to look clearly at all of their dynamics and begin to look at how best to address their child's emotional and behavioral difficulties

Intensive Program
Extensive Planning

•  Determine family needs
•  Determine family strengths, weaknesses
•  Evaluate specific dynamics of family system
•  Evaluate student diagnostic states


•  Identify areas of resistance- Parents and students
•  Experiential interventions- Drawing, Sand Tray, Sensory Items

Parents as Foundation

•  Life Scripts
•  Attachment Communication Training
•  Parent/Couples Therapy/Counseling

Experiential Interventions

•  Drawing
•  Sand Tray
•  Sensory Items

Parental Dynamics

•  Life Scripts
•  Parent Therapy
•  Resentments
•  Grieving

The Secret Life of Your Child

•  Draw the real you (good, ugly, feelings, beliefs, thoughts)
•  Empathy
•  ACT
•  Reflection about resentments, grieving and communication

Parents & Pragmatics

•  Pragmatics: rules, boundaries, bottom lines, plans
•  Dynamics: triangulation, manipulation
•  Reality – Resources
•  Expectations
•  Plan

•  Short-term
•  Long-term

How To Contact Calo

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