Friends in the Community

Calo is blessed to have a friend and cohort in the community, the local school district, School of the Osage.  We have been working in conjunction with them for over a year and their impact on Calo Academics has been tremendous. 

Many of our Calo students have had difficulty in school; be it because of emotional difficulties, learning deficiencies or other trauma.  While School of the Osage cannot help with the emotional aspect of education, our relationship with them allows us to provide additional special services, to students who qualify, with learning deficiencies. 

Every school age student (who qualifies by meeting specific Missouri criteria) has the opportunity to receive services by the district they reside in.  The most common services we are able to provide are in Reading, Mathematics, Written language and Speech services.  So far, several of our students have had access to the additional help. School of the Osages experience and expertise in Special Education has made a significant impact with the students and is helping them to rebuild the educational confidence that has been lacking.

If this is something you are interested in for your child or would like additional information, please feel free to contact the Calo Academic Department.