The Calo Academic Director, Abby Mayer, is happy to announce the birth of her twin daughters; Kinley Elizabeth Helen and Reagan Lynne Helen.  They were born on September 9th, six weeks before their due date.  Both babies spent two weeks in the NICU, but are now home and doing very well.  They spend their days eating, sleeping and growing.  Abby and her husband Morgan have two other daughters, Ella Scout who is 7 and Molly Anne who is 2.  The older sisters are adjusting well to their new babies and enjoy holding them and helping with their bottles.

Abby will be on maternity leave for the next few weeks; however she is in and out of the office when the babies allow.  For immediate help and information, please feel free to contact the Calo Assistant Academic Director, Jennifer (Robinson) Rosa at or Calo Admissions Director, Nicole Fuglsang at