Our Calo students enjoy being actively involved in their education.  Our weekly Wednesday Seminar and Saturday Physical Education courses are often based upon topics and activities suggested by our students.  Most recently, our Calo young ladies have requested the opportunity to explore the sport of gymnastics.   

 Calo Physical Education teacher, Mike Paynter, has taught our students about all views of athletics, health and safety and is always on the lookout for a new concept to present.  Until recently, we have never ventured into gymnastics due to not having all of the appropriate tools necessary.

 Our young ladies have shown interest in gymnastics time and time again, so Mike went in search of a solution to their request.  We were able to find the solution at our local YMCA.  They have a wonderful gymnastics program and all of the equipment necessary to ensure the safety of all.  So, each Saturday for the next 3-4 weeks, our Calo girls will be attending gymnastics lessons. 

 With some planning, we were able to facilitate with the YMCA an appointment each Saturday morning during our regularly scheduled PE time.  The girls leave the Calo campus and are taken to the YMCA to participate in the gymnastics activity.  We are able to use the YMCAs facility, trampolines, mats, low beams and other various equipments in addition to their knowledgeable staff to help in the education of our Calo girls.  With supervised YMCA staff members on site, as well as our own staff participating with the students; it has proven to be a fantastic activity and an exciting change to our PE curriculum.