The holiday season is rapidly approaching which means that families in treatment are faced with tough decisions and a myriad of emotions.  Those with newly enrolled students or students not quite ready for a home visit must make the difficult decision as to what their visit will be like at Calo and for which days and how long. These families are often experiencing holidays for the first time without their child and are torn between feelings of absence, guilt, and relief with the child being in a safe place and having chaos and conflict reduced in the home.  

Other families have scheduled home visits (student, family, and Treatment Team feeling ready) and are eager to have a holiday season with their student at home and experience the holidays with a renewed sense of hope and connection.  Though these visits are filled with excitement, they too can be a real opportunity for growth and to practice those connective interactions (acquired in therapy) to strengthen the relationships and productively push through the emotional struggles encountered while being at home.  With the families joy is often underlying feelings of nervousness and anxiety that all the hard work leading up to the visit will end up with a positive result.

For those families that come to Calo for the holidays, they get the opportunity to be an integral part of the Calo family.  There is scheduled times where family activities are planned and students interact with parents through bonding experiences and valuable time together.  A major part of this time together is during special meals such as Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner.  As with other families, Calo gathers together for all to enjoy the company of one another and get to know other families, staff, and students.  These opportunities are extremely memorable and reflect the importance of relationship and connection which Calo is based upon. 

Calo during the holidays is an experience that families should have.  It is an extremely valuable time where coaches, therapists, and Leadership enjoy time with families and the opportunity to enhance relationships.  Though difficult decisions have to be made and many different emotions are felt during this time of year, the holidays at Calo remain a caring and enjoyable place to be.