Individual Needs in the Classroom

Every day, the teachers at Calo work with the students in a multitude of ways.  One student might do better if they are able to read aloud, while another student might do better if they work in absolute silence.  No two students at Calo are alike and the academic department strives to make sure we daily meet their needs. 

There are no average students at Calo.  All of them are different and exceptional in their own way.  However, many come in behind in both academic credits and in their organizational skills.  This is where the teachers make their first intervention.  We get to know our students with a small interview and start the work on their individualized educational plan.  We assess their learning styles and help place them into a program designed to best accommodate their needs. 


Each student is designated to a specific Lead Teacher.  This teacher helps monitor their academic progress in every way.  They fill out daily monitoring reports, send weekly/biweekly updates to parents, meet monthly with therapists, help maintain educational plans and report constantly to the academic director.  All of this, and they work with the students daily. 


When the students come to the classroom, they begin working on their scheduled course work which is either chosen by themselves or their lead teacher.  During their time in school, they might have a lesson in math or art or learn about a different time period in history.  For the entire class period, they are kept busy and involved in their lessons.


We have experienced great success with our academic model.  Students have graduated high school while here at Calo; they are able to immediately start taking college coursework and preparing themselves even more for their future.  In addition, we are able to aid students by helping them with their college application process.  A few weeks ago, one of our young ladies received her highly anticipated acceptance letter to the four year college of her choice.   


The Calo Academic Department prides itself on making sure that we work to the needs of the student; the students do not work to the needs of the teachers.  Calo students take the courses that they need; and every single aspect of school is individualized.