To Build a Fire

In the late 1890’s there was a gold rush in the Yukon Territory of Alaska.  Thousands made the journey, few struck it rich.  Writer Jack London made the journey and his experiences there were fodder for his classic short story "To Build a Fire".

Last Sunday this story was read to all Calo students during Sunday Reading. Today, they viewed the film.  Yes, I said the film. A vintage 1970s era film projector was used to project the reel to reel LPP color film onto the screen.  Clicks, crackles, and wonderful mechanical noises filled the room as it was explained to the students what film actually is.  It was as if they traveled backward in time to a 1970’s classroom.

Ask your child about the film and story. Self-reliance, interdependence, and arrogance were major themes.  In the open dialogue between teachers and students that followed the film, one student stated the film was pointless.  Through Socratic questioning the student then inwardly discovered and outwardly revealed numerous points the story clearly made. Not every story has a happy ending, yet much can be gleaned and learned from those who walked the Earth before us.

go to: to read the story on line.