Art Hickman

Art Hickman MBA

CEO, Lake Ozark Campus

Art is the Executive Director of the Calo Teen Program located in Lake Ozark. Prior to Calo, Art was a Regional Director for a residential treatment center in Alabama for 22 years. Art received his bachelors degree from Columbia College and his MBA from Nova Southeastern University. Art has worked in the past as a house parent, in admissions, marketing, and operations of several treatment locations. Art fundamentally believes in our purpose to profoundly change lives and create joy. One of the reasons that Art came to Calo was because Calo seeks to create joy. Art has a firm belief that there is a difference between happiness and joy and seeks to help our students be able to find joy. He believes that joy is a result of a shared experience and that joy can be found no matter their circumstance. Art has two children that are in college and loves spending time outdoors.

Micheal Sharpmack

Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Jyostna Nair

Psychiatric Services Director

Chris Austin MA, LPC, NCC

Clinical Director Teen Boys

Chris recently relocated to the Lake Ozark area from Kansas City for the specific purpose of becoming a member of the CALO clinical team. She left a private practice of 25 years to pursue this position, after hearing of the meaningful work being done at CALO, and recognizing the parallels between her own philosophy in the treatment of children and adolescents with trauma and attachment needs, and the philosophy and practices at CALO. Chris received a Masters degree in counseling psychology from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where she graduated with honors. She also holds a degree in Special Education, and worked as a teacher and school counselor for ten years prior to entering private practice. Early in her career, Chris recognized the need, and became aware of her strong passion for helping children and adolescents and their families with the challenges of facilitating healing and growth following experiences of early childhood neglect, trauma, and family separations. Her practice focused on children who were adopted, were in the process of being adopted, or were in the foster care system awaiting some type of permanency in their lives. She has extensive experience in individual and family therapy services, both in the office and in the home setting. Through the course of her work in private practice, Chris worked for ten years with an associate professor of psychiatry at Columbia University who specializes in attachment and trauma, along with a team of therapists from around the country, treating families through intensive treatment experiences. This experience provided her with valuable training in working with families in crisis. Through this process she participated in a research study and co-published the results of that study documenting the success of the intensive treatment model. Chris is very excited about the opportunity to work with the students at CALO and their families, as well as the specialized team of professionals. She feels privileged to be a part of the growth and positive change of the CALO students and their families. Chris and her husband, Scott are looking forward to enjoying the lake area, with many visits from their three adult sons and their families, which include two grandchildren.

Heidi Stanfield MA, LPC

Clinical Director Teen Girls

Heidi started working as a girls' teen therapist at Calo 3 years before achieving the position of clinical director for the girls' program. Heidi has a Bachelor's degree from College of the Ozarks located in Point Lookout, Missouri near Branson and achieved a Master's degree from the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Missouri. Heidi has experience in private practice as well as residential care settings. Heidi is trained in Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Heart Rate Variability, Brainspotting, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, and is knowledgeable and experienced in treating developmental trauma and attachment related disorders. "Helping families find meaning through suffering, develop greater intimacy, and develop new neural pathways in experiential ways is incredibly rewarding. I have a gift in my ability to help others through therapy and feel fortunate to be able to serve in this way."

Sue Blankenship

Health Services Director

Rachel Vandevoort BA

Director of Admissions, Calo Teens

Rachel grew up in southeast Iowa. After high school she attended Central College in Pella, Iowa where she initially studied business administration but due to her interest in social issues and helping others she changed to a sociology major. She moved to the lake area with her husband in 2011. She soon learned about Calo and was excited to have the opportunity to do truly meaningful work with students who experienced early trauma. After working as a front line staff for over three years Rachel moved to the Admissions department where she currently works as the Director of Admissions. Rachel loves working with new families and is grateful to be able to share her experience and knowledge of Calo with others.

Samika Johnston

Interim Program Director

Samika has been with Calo for four years, in her time with calo she started a Direct care staff and and spent her time really learning the students, staff, and overall program goals. After working multiple teams and learning leadership techniques that helped her have a more focused view of what The program stands for, she was promoted to Team lead. She managed her team with the attention to detail that her Leadership took close notice of, and when an organizational position opened she was ready to take her career to the next Level. Currently Samika is the team lead Supervisor for the Preteen program and has been training her subordinate leaders to strive to be better in their field. Samika holds a B.S in Biology from Lane College which is one of the oldest HBCU campuses in the Mid Western region of the country. Samika’s path was one of Nursing until she discovered her ability to be just as impactful by helping struggling Teens, Preteens, Families, and staff. Her vision for the future is optimistic and she knows that she wants to stay in this field doing this work.

Susan Wittrock

Program Experience Manager

Susi was born, and also adopted, in Boston, Massachusetts. She was raised, along with her two adopted siblings, in Pittsburgh, PA. After graduating from the Winchester-Thurston School, she attended Gordon College in Wenham, MA. There, she met her husband, Gary, to whom she has been married for 23 years. They have two sons whom Susi has homeschooled throughout their lives. Susi spent a number of years working for American Express in Boston. She also worked for several years in a county social services office in North Dakota while also working as a juvenile tracker with Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota. Susi's favorite and most fulfilling job was, however, being a stay at home mom. Susi has also been involved in youth ministry for years through Young Life and at Calvary Chapel Lake of the Ozarks. Her life experience as a person who has struggled with past trauma and attachment issues is just part of the reason she feels so at home at Calo. She loves to see young people and their families find healing and joy and is honored to be a part of that process. Susi often tells people that since beginning her journey at Calo 5 years ago, she has never gone to work, as she considers this her second home. She cannot imagine "working" anywhere else!