How long will my child be at Calo?

Calo does not subscribe to a predetermined or set date of departure. Each student is individual, has individual needs and will respond to treatment as an individual. However, the AVERAGE length of stay is about 17 months. Consistent with our treatment philosophy, Calo believes that length of stay is largely determined by the child. This means the student should not leave Calo until she has accomplished individual goals (outlined in an individual treatment plan) and the family has met the family goals that were established at the onset of treatment by the treatment team. The treatment team is comprised of representatives from academics, residential coaching, recreation therapy, and your childs peer group. Your therapist is the leader of this treatment team and you as parent are considered the final treatment team member.

Our treatment team consistently reviews each students progress and moves toward the goal of transitioning back home. The length of stay varies based on a number of factors and is individualized for each student. Some factors influencing the length of stay are:

1) Relative Complexity: The relative complexity of the psychosocial and educational history of the student prior to enrollment often has a large impact on a students length of stay; typically, the more complex the history of the student the longer the length of stay.

2) Onset of Problems: How long has the student been struggling? Is this a new problem or has the student been struggling for a significant amount of time? Normally the longer the student has been entrenched in the behavior the longer the length of stay.

3) Family Involvement: Our families are a key part of our therapeutic process. Your involvement within the milieu, family therapy, and family coaching visits supports your childs growth and healing. When family involvement is limited a childs progress might stall or the student may progress at a slower rate.